Consensus yet

Times a wasting…

I think the present counsel that is in place should also be appointed to represent us to the DBPR.

There done…

Let’s move on

Consensus yet?

The 20% of the Florida inspector population who wants licensing repealed will never be represented.


Sure got that right.

I am sure that we will all be;-) represented fairly- just some more fairly than others.

That leaves 80% Joe. I was for licensing but now I am seeing the light. Unfortunately licensing was inevitable. I advocated a seat at the table. I did not see the watering down of the profession by extended grandfathering.

However it’s here and we need to control it as much as possible. We need you old timers to chime in and keep the rest of us honest.

The present council has been doing a decent job…Richard Hyland and Russell seem to have our backs. We can’t win every battle…but we can keep them in check.