Conservatives Abandoning GOP....Buckley Goes Obama

I can’t tell Nick, are you voting Socialist, Libertarian, Green, Or Republican?



Haven’t you heard the news… All the polls are democrat lies fabricated by Bill Ayres and the vast left-wing media conspiracy. The fact is McCain is leading by 10% everywhere! Sheesh, you are so friggin’ gullible. :roll:

BTW, Howdja like my Mikey Larson imitation, admit it, I had you going there for a minute right? :smiley:

Man these candidates stink.

Obama gets a free pass from the press and his adoring acolytes and has to be the most unprepared for the job on any candidate.

And McCain says we shouldn’t fear Obama and that he respects him and still wants to reach across the aisle to get things done.

Hillary has to be so steamed.

Please find me a candidate I want to vote for.

here you go Mike :wink:



I try not to vote for nut jobs Gerry.

Is that Frank Perdue? Ya know… *“It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken”. *:mrgreen:

Before the bank bailouts (caused by democrats putting pressure on lender to give loans to the poor and uneducated) McCain & Palin would have won by 7 points or more…but now, because the economy, it is very probably that Osama will win.
(People like to blame a bad economy on the incumbent party)

What is sickening is that the media has no problem making a mountain out of mole hill with Palin…yet they have failed to openly report all the shady deals and hypocrisy that Obama is involved in…I have yet to hear any serious investigations of Obama involved with:
_Raila Odina (Kenya),
_Tony Rezko and his Chicago crooks, and their deep involvement in Middle East ties dripping with implications of influential treatment by Obama…(dangerous)
_his constant “Present” votes because he didn’t want to take stance,
_Exelon Corp (another Chicago based company) and 200,000 in donations to eas up on nuclear regulations
_ Shady foreign finanaciers (talk about money trail ~ leading to terrorist)
_ His ties with ACORN (the group that is fraudulenty registering democrate voters)
_ Ayers relationship (domestic terrorist)
_ Refusal to produce a legit birth certificiate (even democrats have sued over this issue)
_ Biddens own admission earlier this year that Obama was not ready…now all of a sudden he is…(laugh)…after he promises you the VP spot…come, come now.
_ National Journals 2007 annual ranking…Obama ranked at #1 for liberalness, Clinton at #16
_ 3 former Fannie Mae executives who presided over the mortgage company’s debacle; Franklin Raines, Tim Howard, and Jim Johnson – are now senior economic advisers to the Obama campaign…(laugh).
_ The ties and influence of his father & step father, whose Wahabbi form of Islam which is determined to bring down the west, toward Obama
_ The lies that his mother and grandparents are devout Christians…they are actually atheist…which makes one curious how a man claims to have always been a Christian with such parents.
_ His drug binge days at Occidental college from 79 - 81
_ Obama’s close ties to Hezbollah (terrorist organization) through Rashid Khalid…

I have only touched the tip of the iceberg and I am no reporter…yet all is quite on the media front in regards to Obama…the next messiah

I admit that I am not voting for McCain simply because he is nothing but a liberal… I am amazed with all the information (that has been verified) about Obama that there are an overwhelming amount of people that are foolish enough to vote for this habitual liar.

What this is really about is that the media and democrats hate anyone that is associated with the Republican party to the extent they will turn a blind eye to the mountain of information that clearly shows Obama’s true character or lack thereof.

The only thing refreshing about Obama is that in 2 - 4 years the democrats will lose congress and probably the White House…the Jimmy Carter effect.
Of course the country will be in worse shape but what the heck…we get what we deserve.

Anyone who is going through hard times can thank the democrats for the bogus loans and bailouts they have given us.


The press is swift boating MCain like they did Clinton! Sad but so true! Felt sorry for Clinton and that will be the only time you ever hear me say that!

Palin for Prez…!

You sure Mike? :mrgreen::mrgreen:



I am shock! I thought conservative white guys always wanted a black guy to clean up their mess. Heck, it has been like that for over two hundred years. :smiley:

Something to think about:
If Obama does not win and your life the day after the election involves any job done by an African American. Consider it not done. You are going have to do it yourself. :shock: Heck, I would not blame them one bit.


Your comment is actually belittling to the black race…

“any job done by an African American…consider it not done…you are going have to do it yourself.”

As much as the media and democrats want one to believe…this election is NOT about race but rather about principles.

Are you saying that blacks are willing to take on smaller jobs that others (whites) don’t take…or are you saying that they can not get better jobs because of their education…you are opening up a can a worms no matter which way you go.

Who have fallen victim to Jesse Jackson’s rhetoric…which is that the problem with the black race is white people.

The problem with any group of people are often the people themselves…much like the problem with America is simply stupid and selfish American being more concerned what’s in it for them than what’s best for their own country.

I would like to hear what jobs you are talking about…the ones that the white man doesn’t want to do…after all I can think of no other race you are talking about…heck, most of the workers in the construction industry are hispanic (of which many are illegal thanks to liberals like McCain and the democrats)…pray tell us who you are talking about.

Also, why is it that people are ignorant enough to use such divisive terms as “African American”…I don’t call myself a “European American” or “Latino American”…these are terms used to set a group a people aside as a special class.

When I was in the military I had a black supervisor who was absolutely the best supervisor I ever worked for…he was the one that brought that to my attention…he always said that he was an AMERICAN…his color didn’t and shouldn’t mean a thing.

Funny how the democrats love to spin the truth…the fact that it was a Republican president that abolished slavery and fact that it was the democrats that tried to keep the black race from having civil rights during the first have of the 20th century…it wasn’t until the democrats realized that the only way they can get elected was by USING minorities under the guise of “helping them out”…what a bunch of hypocrites.

I tell you who I would love to see run for President…that is Armstrong Williams…but that will never happen…because it’s not the color of a man’s skin that keeps him from getting elected, it’s more about how a party can spin the truth in such a way to fool as many as people as possible, combine that with blinding hatred of conservatism by not only the democratic party but the media and Hollywood culture as well.

No matter which one of these candidates gets elected, America is screwed.


Too bad I was just quoting what a black man said, Chris Rock.
It is a fact the white society has held the black people down. You can not use an old Repubician trick of changing the topic by changing the focus onto who said it. You cannot ignore what your party has continuously done to minorities and the poor. There are more Americans in poverty in the last seven years than during the Clinton administration. Most blacks are forced to do lower waged jobs to survive or do the same job for less money than a white person. The fact or the facts and they can not be ignored.
You need to get a sense of humor. Democrats have to have a sense of humor or we would result in preaching hate like the Republicians do. Your people have done nothing but screw this country up. It is time to set this country back on the right track. Obama for president.

I respect this race that is why I use the term African American. The leaders of the race chose to call themselves by that name. If you do not have that kind of respect, I pity you.


Seems to me that a lot of Democrats repeatedly preached hate against one president George Bush. Hmmmm.

I wonder if Democrats know what hypocrisy is?

The whole Democratic party preaches less hate than McCain Palin campaign.

Excuse me but that is a load of you know what.:roll:

For the past 8 years Bush has been subject to the hate mongering of the left wing.