considerations for buying a used camera off ebay

Is it crazy to think about buying such a high tech expensive tool used off of ebay?

yrs ago saved $5,350 on t440bx buying from individual
get serial # & contact mfr for any info on being legit & prior servicing
assure all items on listing are included & shipped
once received i ran it though it’s paces to assure all modes functioned & returned to mfr for recalibration

That is solid advice Barry. Thanks

I thought about it, but decided that I wanted the peace of mind that comes with a manufacturer s warranty.

I bought a Fluke TiR from E bay, the price is ~US$1450. For me, I am not always using IR camera,but when I need to, it must be up to the standard.So, I occasionally use a IR camera that met my need, a second hand with seller calibration is OK for me.

But, I do not know much time it can be used… there is a risk