Consrtruction Trivia question.

There is a contemporary building in Chicago that is a world landmark. Yet, it is not the first building to have that name. What is the name of this turn-of-the-century building that is the original?

Leaning tower of Sears.

That is the original Sears Tower and first home to WLS in 1924 on the west side.
Been inside a few times.

Very cool looking set against the changed neighborhood.
Glad they kept it.

Yes, the original Sears Tower (the leaning is my photography, sorry). Right across the street is the first modern (1903) electrical power station. About 2 block asay is the builing that was the original Allstate insurance building. A block south is the main trunk that carries ALL the fiber optic (telephone and internet) cable that serves the western U.S.

I love old historic stuff.

As inspectors, we realize quality, and historical value. Nice.

I suppose that it helps that you can read the sign on it! LOL!
Nice pic Will, I didn’t know there was originally another Sears tower.

I miss the old historic stuff, N.A has nothing on Europe, I didn’t appreciate it enough when I lived there. I did get to enjoy the scenic town of Bath last year though, and visited Tamworth Castle which made my year. England is a treasure trove I only appreciated after I left.

I found an interesting mosaic on a wall in T.O last year as well, it drew me to the fact that it was an historic building. This post has reminded me to check into it. I think the building was from the 1800’s, we don’t have much history here, but what we have we need to treasure.

What is consrtruction? It is not in the dictionary and I can’t google it but it is close to the word construction though.:slight_smile:

Pot, meet kettle :roll: :wink: