Construction close to a home

Anytime a home inspector arrives at a home to be inspected, you may want to pay attention to any local/city construction going on close to the home. Here is a result of one home owner. Attorneys will be flocking to this one.

“They’re staying with relatives while they try to get someone to pay for a new foundation.”

In trying to get someone to pay for a new foundation I wonder how many fingers will be pointed and how long they will have to wait?

Can’t possibly be the city goverments fault, they never do anything.


Have you seen this one?

Did not hear about that one. However, Pulte homes in this county are very poorly constructed. I have inspected a few, some OK, some with issues. As with any builder, they do not actually build the home. It is the sub-contractors that do the building. Whether or not their supervisors are on site, and can speak several languages, makes a difference in the quality. Most issues that I found are from poor siding, roof, window installations. Most county inspectors do inspect the foundations, electrical, plumbing areas, but are not around during rough-in.