Construction Defects from the eyes of a Lawyer

Some might find this one interesting, I know I did.

In todays world we need all the help we can get, and in a lawyer firms eyes, this is the way they look at defects.


Construction Defects](

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Attorneys that do construction defects with web sites do provide good info. especially if your doing new homes, another one is

Thanks guys, interesting.

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Remember Marcel everone has an agenda, the lawyer has to try and scare up some buisness anyway possible.

A lot of builders here have gone to post tension slabs to mimimize slab/soil problems.

“Allergies, asthma, and other health problems can then plague the building’s occupants.”

These folks should be strung up!! They imply that these afflictions, asthma and allergies, appear after a building has had a mould problem. These are existing problems that may or may not be aggravated by mould.

Playing to people’s fears and asking them to join the litigation lottery.:frowning:

Very telling.

A local Toll Brothers development, around a gold course, had many large (> 4,200 SF) houses with big problems.

Example: OSB I joists for the floors. Manufacturer specs were 12" OC. They were spaced 23 to 38" OC.

Subcontractor, for foundations, were behind. The took off the forms after 24 hours. 640 leaking tie holes in the foundation.

Too fast, maximize profits and have young kids as the supervisors. Lowest cost subs and no, real, supervision or quality control.

So much for the houseing boom. :mrgreen: