Construction term" "Pulling gyprock"

What does this term mean?

I know mudding gyprock and sanding the plaster gyprock
but ‘pulling’ gyprockk has me mystified

One thing I do not like in Canada is the erroneous term used for mudding gyprock calling it ‘plastering’: You’re not putting plaster on the thing you’re putting mud.

Plaster dries in 10 minutes and is not used on gyprock or drywall: it is a completely different, older technology of making interior walls

Pulling would be the removal

Those days are gone for me but I loved it when I was a kid.

“pulling gyprock” would most likely refer to the removal of gyprock or drywall. Usually when removing drywall or gyprock it is “pulled” from the bottom out for several reasons. It helps break the seam as typically members are installed horizontally. Then larger sections can be taken out, thus faster with less mess.

What…Mixing lime not me it took my breath away big time .

I found it a challenge and at that time did not even think of my lungs as all me family was working in the Steel Plant.
At that time also my brother ate about 8 bananas to get the weight requirement to work in the plant and is still in it.
We would try to finish a house with drywall in a day and mud the next, we also never had harnesses when working over 6 feet and we put scaffolding all the way up to some pretty high cathedral ceilings.
Nuts back then but I was never afraid of falling.