Construction Zone

Just a quick heads up that we will be working on our servers tonight (5/2) from around 8pm PST late into the night. You may notice a little down time during that time so don’t be alarmed! It’s a necessary part of building a bigger and greater HIP. :smiley:

Thanks for the heads up, that sort of thing always freaks me out if I don’t know about it.

Oh, that would be right now.

Hey the servers are down .Anybody know what happened ?


he he.

It still ain’t working.
Can’t access the forum.

Still not able to upload or download here on the east coast at 8 am. I was ready to work at 6 am this morning and got caught off guard. Report won’t go out as promised. No response yet on help ticket. Upgrade is likely good in the end but process can be annoying when you need system to work.

I have heard there is a way to download from mobile device directly to desktop / laptop without using cloud.


Uploads/downloads should work fine for everyone now. There was a few folders that copied over with default folder permissions. Please try now and let me know!

HIP forum will be down until later today. There should be a maintenance mode message up there. It’s the lowest priority during the upgrade and still requires a few more hours to get all the conversions done.

What improvements are being made?

Still can’t connect here from NH. I have left message on help line and sent email and sent help ticket. Keep getting log in error. Falling behind in my work and need some help.

There’s a ton. We’ve had guys beta testing for weeks. I’ll release a list a bit later.

Mark, shoot me an email. I have 4 or 5 guys right now still having issues that I’m dealing with. You could be having the same issue. The help desk got swamped with a ton of tickets with guys having an issue in the time it wasn’t working right, then a ton more saying it worked. So they’re trying to get everything cleaned up so we can take care of anything left.

Just up and downloaded an updated template, no issues.

Thanks Samuel!

Still a few that I’m just manually fixing right now that had to do with password issues. If you still have an issue, let me know.

Forum is back up but in read only mode right now.

You should be good to go now!

System now fixed for me after intervention by Dom. Thank you