Constructive critisism please

Okay. This is my first website. Did it myself. Waddya think?

Doesn’t look too bad. I urge you to go read Doms’ stuff on the HIP board, to learn a bit more about optimization. It will help you tremendously. You can learn from those guys even if you aren’t using his web hosting.

I doesn’t “justify” when I view it in Firefox. That is, I have to scroll left to right to view it all.

Reserve the color blue for hyperlinks. Change the red hyperlinks to blue.

Where’s your inspection Agreement?

Where are your sample reports?

On your About Us page, you don’t say a word about your home inspection experience. If you’re new, that’s understandable, though.

Thanks Joe,
Don’t know that I can do anything about firefox. Working on the other items.

Make the width ‘‘liquid’’ or the width of the template ‘‘fixed’’ if I view it in a small window I can’t read all the site.

Bigger Header

Reverse Contact us and the phone number.too big and red///too small

Add a picture of you and sprinkle some thumb photos in the body to add interest.

in general work on the top which is what we all first see.


Here’s your keyword density. And no metas!!. Needs work.

keyword_density.pdf (67.8 KB)

Make a page on your site out of each article in You don’t have to link to them even… they are SEO boosters. And ignore the “duplicate content fear mongers” Google hasn’t punished anyone’s rank for duplicate content since the Nixon administration.

Same with Chrome.

"Since the Nixon Admin… :slight_smile: "

Too funny.