Consumer needs an EMF inspection in Texas.
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I already know there’s an emf field in the house and that it’s making me sick. I need an electrician who knows about this stuff. We’ve had two come now but they aren’t really experienced in this so I/we are having to stumble through and they’re very busy or distracted by life or whatever…. We have discovered that our electric panel had a bootleg ground so that’s been fixed. Two 8’ grounding rods were added to the panel and #4 wire. Now the next guys have started changing out all the receptacles and switches to commercial grade. That made a big difference but we still have several rooms to do and they haven’t shown up for the last two days.

Anyway, there’s a long list of inspectors on your site for Austin but I don’t see if there’s a way to know which one’s are savvy on the emf issue.

Any direction would be appreciated.

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Do you have metal clad wiring throughout the house? Not sure how changing outlets out would improve emf emmisions. You might consider turning off breakers to sleeping areas while you sleep.

The only solution is to build a Faraday cage around the entire structure to shield from all those nasty electromagnetic waves.

Wayne Rogers in Houston at

Wayne is a TPREIA Electrical Condultant

LOL…they already know that EMF is making them sick I see. Just being honest here, I would not recommend a Home Inspector to do an EMF evaluation. The issues of EMF are well founded in some folks that are hypersensitive to the effects.

This is also an area that most (if not 90%) of electrician contractors have no clue about why it is happening or how to resolve it or if it can be resolved without rewiring the dwelling.

Just as an observation : You stated " Two 8’ grounding rods were added to the panel and #4 wire. Now the next guys have started changing out all the receptacles and switches to commercial grade." none of which has an effect on EMF and they stated it made a difference…how, you happen to feel LESS SICK?

Anyway…hopefully they get it sorted out as it sounds to me like many issues of improper case to neutral connections down stream of the panel, possibly in those switches and receptacles…but I am also sure in other device boxes as well…such as the luminaries and so on in the dwelling.

It is ok to hire an electrician…BUT make sure the licensed electrician (or consultant) can diagnose the problem and FIX the problem…

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LOL…I just realized NICK posted that so the end user will never see it…My BAD…now I have just posted some worthless dribble no one will read…lol

Wayne Rogers is in Houston and works with EMC issues. Testing and corrections. His cell number is 713-540-3462.

What are EMC issues?

I am well versed in ELF, comprised of three components of Electrical Fields, Magnetic Fields, RadioFrequency (RF) The first two of which are very common in an elevated combined EMF situation.

As to the health effects, the jury is still out on that one. I have been doing a lecture on this type of issue (ELF) for years. In fact, i’m doing one this month for an electrotech conference. Sadly, all we really have at this point in health speculation BUT I don’t need to worry about that part since I just explain what it is, how it happens, how to mitigate it if the person is concerned and leave the health aspect to doctors to decide.

Wish them good luck.