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Totally consumer-oriented, and

All downloads stay on InterNACHI’s site.

Check it before you tell all your clients about

looks great!


If you’re wondering about the home maintenance book -
3rd edition is coming out (2nd edition is almost sold out) - soon we’ll be taking orders for the 3rd edition at an extremely low “sale” price.

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Ben, book me for 100 of the new edition.

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Looks great.
I would be all over this except for one thing…
On every page of the downloadable info, your info and links to your biz page are there. I don’t mind (and expect) your “authored by” and “copywrite” info being there (at the beginning and end), but not on every single page. I want my clients to see “MY” info, or none at all. Certainly no links to where they can get the other info/stuff themselves. I want them to call me for their needs.

I think $5 a month is a great deal, but its another pain in the butt payment each month. I’d rather pay a one time fee and be done with it.

My clients can opt-in for the monthly auto payment of $5 per month. That makes it easy. When you’re on a monthly, I can update the video at any time, you can cancel at any time, you can try it out for a month for just $5, and I host it for you (my cost) in full HD (not crappy YouTube quality).

I fixed all of the downloads so that they are consumer-friendly.
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my first client with a customized video Eric Jones


Looks great and got it done fast!