Consumer Price Index is gonna come in a little hot tomorrow morning?

At an incredible price carried on the backs of the American people at an astronomically higher cost than a reduction in spending and reasonable practical debt controls.

They are incompetent liars lining their pockets as we watch them cover up their malfeasance.

Yeah, they are brilliant and we should all pay attention and say thank you, eh? SMH

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Government reduce spending? Lol. Good one Brian! Reductions in spending don’t happen often at any level of government, much less at the federal level, regardless of party in charge.

Well, that thinking is in lock step with Janet Yellen:

Yellen embraces an alternative method for measuring the sustainability of the nation’s debt.


Not what I want…


It is a good one. A very good one. You might consider demanding it instead of accepting it as reasonable or defensible.

It is intended to be the core of the Republican party-smaller taxes, less government. But both parties have abandoned us.

Inflating the debt away is a tax. Change my mind.

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On the bright side, my state is gonna get some of that fed jing. And for a good cause, in my opinion. MN is one of the top states that pays in way more to the fed than it receives back, so getting a little here and there helps even the scale a bit.

Furthering semiconductor development stateside is a worthy federal goal. The CHIPS Act pumps a bunch of money into that effort. Hopefully the companies receiving grants don’t screw us and turn all that money into corporate bonuses. :rofl:

Samsung…hmmm…6.4 billion! That’s a lot of money going to a South Korean Company. I have a gut feeling many many many bonuses are being paid all across our great land and congress.

From the article

Also in April, it was announced that Samsung Electronics would receive $6.4bn in direct funding to build a semiconductor cluster across a number of locations in Texas.

But then…there’s this:

Samsung’s current chairman was sent to jail for bribing a former South Korean President.

The scandal re-emerged in 2020, when South Korea’s Supreme Court reopened the case. Lee was then sent back to jail to serve the remainder of his sentence. However, he was later released on parole and then pardoned by the President in a bid to “overcome the economic crisis” and revitalize the South Korean economy after COVID-19.

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I’m afraid of that as well. I hope to hell they have some controls and monitoring in place.

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I read it.

You may want to read it before attempting to defend “the scholar Yellen” with that link.

I mean, spending/buying what we can afford isn’t a novel idea. LOL!


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That is an impressive resume. Do you still give any credibility to Dr. Fauci with all of his impressive degrees and credentials?

These former scientists and medical leaders become something else when they accept a government appointment. They become politicians and they say what they are told to say. Do you believe a word that a politician says?
(I’m just stirring the pot here)


The question isn’t about being right or wrong, in my opinion. The question is whether the person has earned the right to speak on the subject. Many, many great and smart people have been wrong about things. They are reacting to the information available at the time. It is easy for the layman to sit back later and point out all of their mistakes and seem a genius.



Yellen is just putting lipstick on the pig that Biden is tying to sell to the masses.

I mean really? “Inflate away debt” and “the sustainability of our nation’s debt”? ? What “learned” ideas. SMH

It is a simple concept that our leaders can’t seem to put any backbone behind.



Since we are on the topic of the deficit…

Donald Trump’s tax and spending plans for his would-be second term in office imply a willingness to see the federal budget deficit rise to truly unprecedented levels.

The vast majority of unauthorized immigrants work and pay taxes, but receive very little in federal benefits.

Implying potential Trump plans doesn’t change this:

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Ok, but lets hope he doesn’t grow it by 30+% like he did in his first term.

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I’m with you there. Like I said:

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All this bullshit talk about Joe Biden’s ‘bad economy’ is wishful mental masturbation for the Trump crowd. In reality the state of Joe Biden’s economy hasn’t a fiddlers-fuck to do with Trump’s criminality or the fact he’s a defendant in multiple criminal cases across the country.

Joe Biden 2024