Consumer Product Recal

ALERT: Venmar Ventilation Inc. expands recall of air exchangers.
Source of recall:Health CanadaIssue: Fire Hazard
Audience: General Public Identification number:RA-42133
Product description

This recall involves air exchangers with and without heat recovery sold under different brands that are used to circulate air in and out of the home. The metal air exchangers are painted blue or grey.

Air exchangers included in this recall were manufactured from January 2002 through July 2009 and have brand and model information printed on the unit’s rating plate or imprinted on the side of the unit.

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This is a three year old Recall expansion of a** six year old** Recall!
If you can’t post anything CURRENT, don’t post at all.
WORKING inspectors don’t have time to relive old outdated stuff you pulled off the internet.

With all due respect to the poster below, to which almost ALL InterNACHI members have little of for him, that is the latest from 2017 cited from The Southern Gazette.
Recall expanded for Venmar air exchangers
The previous recalls, Venmar Ventilation reported, 26 incidents, for a total of 30. Out of these 30 incidents, five took place in the U.S. and 25 in Canada. All incidents resulted in fires and a total of more than $1.1 million in property damages. No injuries have been reported.
More details on the recall can be found by clicking HERE.

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Except your original post did not contain any link from the Southern Gazette and you did not credit any wording or article from the Southern Gazette.

Mr. Stanczyk, and with all due respect to you, why do I have to cite any information to suite you? Hmm?

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For the life of me, I can not understand how certain InterNACHI Home Inspectors go out of there way to TRY to discredit any information being posted, be it current or not.

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I certainly hope Nick and Ben Gromicko do something about this.
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This is the section for Canadian Home Inspectors and other home inspectors in Canada to discuss local home inspection topics.

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