Consumer Report on Ozone air purifiers

Hello All:

It has just been settle with a well known air purifier that got what they deserved. Read the news article and see what you think.

I think posting an old news story is a wate of time.


Hi Michael:

This story has been re-circulated by msnbc and is the first time I have heard about it. I did warn many individuals when the product first came out and just wanted to bring this to the attention of new HI’s.
If you go to the bottom of the newsletter you will see the actual date release of this article and may have been updated.

NO, I posted the date of the last update in 2005.:roll:

Reading is fundamental.

Besides that it is an appliance and well beyond the scope of a Home Inspection.

Kevin thanks for the information and bringing it up. Although beyond the scope of a Home Inspection, keeping your clients well being as a priority is awesome.

Do you report on ALL appliances including recalls.

Let’s not be silly here.

Nope, but I don’t ignore information that I do know.

Michael, 1 size does not fit all. If I know something is bad and it is present I will tell them. I was at an inspection once and their coffee maker cord was extremely hot to the touch, I touched it glancingly reaching for an outlet. Yes, I told them about it.

You can have the all or anothing approach, I prefer to handle it differently. BTW, its mainly for the present occupant not the buyer. Who do you think the seller will want to hire for their next inspection? I would bet on the one who cares about them, even if at the present time they are NOT your client.

I will believe when you tell me that you tell people to stop burning candles in their home and that you include it in your report.

There is no end to potential hazards one could list in a report.

There is an SOP for a reason.

I agree and their is a CODE for a reason. To give a MINIMUM set of standards. Congrats on bragging about meeting the minimum standard…

You failed to tell us where you draw the line on reporting potential hazards?

Why would I comment on a cord connected appliance in a home being purchased?

It’s not likely it will remain in the home now is it?

My concern when I see them only extends as far as what is being covered up.

I would comment on the cord to the seller…well because it makes just plain sense to me to be concerned about a potential fire hazard that I have direct knowledge of. Believe it or not Mike people who actually live in a house with a hazard actually like knowing about it.

I love the “its not my job” attitude…especially when it come to safety of occupants of a home.


The cord was not the point of the original post in this thread.

You should also not imagine that I fail to point out obvious hazards to the owner of a home.

Pay attention.:roll:

LOL…read your last line…

Once again, the simple point of it is that Kevin posted good information that some may have not known and you try to make it wrong. Kevin the information ROCKS and looking out for peoples health also rocks…Keep it up and I appreciate this type of information.

You can pretend but you are wrong. Man up.

It is well beyond the scope of a home inspection.

You have refused to answer every question I asked of you. Grow up too.

I perfectly happy with my responses and if someone googles this information I would be proud of each and every response. EWach one has PEOPLES best interest in mind. While you choose to ignore everything because it does not encompass EVERYTHING.

I choose to never overlook a device that is dangerous to people. Stick strickly to your minimum standard SOP, I will always choose the health and welfare of people.

Please show me where I didn’t have peoples interests in mind?

I don’t appreciate your lying about me.

You either comply with the SOP or you don’t.

You can have your own SOP but good luck with your E&O carrier.

Thanks Nick!

If I smell ozone in an apt, home or office I know where to send them.
EPA or the InterNachi article.

Thanks Russel:

In my field I am shocked how much people do not know. I try to post what is important for new HI’s.