Consumer Report on Ozone air purifiers

Please explain why this is important?

It may be but I want to hear it from a CMI. :wink:

Knowledge is good knowing how to use it is better.

I used to have an electronic air cleaner in my furnace and could smell ozone sometimes.

Should I be concerned?

Mikes point is that sticking to the SOP protects you from litigation. Russ never said he put any of it i his report just that he let them know, that’s just being a nice guy.

I want to work with the nice guy.

Mike, I know you didn’t say you don’t inform people of a potential hazard, you were only pionting out that in this case it’s not part of the inspection to be included in the report.

Exactly! Thanks

I don’t report on toasters. I don’t report on floor lamps. I don’t report on stereo systems. Why would I report on any other stand alone, plug in piece of personal property that is still in a home?

I have had an ozone generator for over 20 years. They work great when you have new items in the house with a strong odor, whether paint, new carpet, cooking odors or pet odors. Adjust it as needed for minimal use. If it is turned up too high, it stinks as bad as the odor you are trying to get rid of.

The model I have uses the same technology that was used inside the Pentagon after the 9/11 attacks. Ever notice that fresh smell after a thunderstorm? That great fresh smell. That’s ozone.