consumer-targeted flyer designs

These consumer-targeted flyers would make a great leave-behind. Each design contains a different set of helpful tips for the homeowner.

Attach your business card, or contact me to have your business logo, contact info and personal message added in the space provided.

You can find print-ready PDF files in our Marketing Library (scroll to the very bottom to find the flyers and download the packaged design file) or email me at for a custom set.

Very nice.

Very cool!

Jessica once again You Rock !!!
Nick, give this girl a raise;-)


Tools Energy Electrical Tips

I have already recieved som good feedback from a few clients…:cool:


She made some new ones today. Go here:

Hi jessica
the flyers that we were talking about are theses ones
best regards gord

Glad flyer did not say use CFL bulbs.

Are these copyrighted? Can I use these in an advertisement in the newspaper?

I came across these Flyers and would love to get a copy of them. However, when I click on the link it take me to the web page where you would design your own flyers and I cannot locate these. Are they still available to download and use?

Hi Ken, I just emailed you a copy of each flyer. Let me know if I can be of any additional help!

Hey Jessica,

Thank you for such a quick reply !! YES, I did get them. Thank you very much!

Ken >

Hi Jessica,
I’m not finding the pdf downloads. What page am I supposed to scroll to the bottom of?

For some reason I can’t find em…

This thread is from two years ago and they no longer exist at that link – but feel free to email me at and I will send you copies of all six fliers.