We had one of your inspectors -David Fair–do an inspection of a home we are selling an he was not honest in what he reported.

Report stated "snake main drain + provide reciept of completed work.

Had Ouint Plumbing out and their 2 plumbers couldn’t find anything wrong with the drains.
They partially filled 3 sinks, 1 tub. Drained all at one time with all faucets running and flushed the toilet. Couldn’t find a problem. Can share text with their finds.

Also reported stated “fix leak under the sink in bathroom.”

Filled sink with water running and not a single leak.

Mr Fair tried took advantage of this older lady. We had to spend money and time for no reason.

How do you police your members?

Why doesn’t your web site allow consumer to report problems?

Hope to hear from you.

CHuck Elser

No one by that name here.

I am usually able to find people ,
In this case No luck .
Some thing does not sound correct to me .

There is a home inspector by the name above located in Michigan.

Listed as HomeTeam but does not come up on the HomeTeam franchisee list for that area.

Looks to me like you just registered a complaint Chuck Elser.