Containerized Housing Unit

Containerized Housing Unit

I would like to write a new Article 548 Containerized Housing Units for the NEC and will appreciate any suggestions or experiences that you may have had.

Some of them include a bathroom and are called “WET CHUS” and others are “DRY CHUS” with no bathroom.

This link does not work. Containerized Housing Unit

Works for me, I thought this was for residential, not the war theater…:stuck_out_tongue:

Frank: Here is another example. They are also available for commercial use.

Wow, thanks Joe.

Who makes these things?

I know that these guys build Off Shore Oil accommodation, and specialty build to suit.

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Question: Does anyone know if AFCI’s are available for 240V, 3phase systems?

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Question: Are there any inspectors who have inspected these types of structures?

How would you classify them?

Some call them a manufactured home or mobile home.

I believe that they are to be built and inspected per NFPA 501 and the HUD Standards which are identified in the FPN to 550.1 in the NEC.