Contest for Home inspectors

Recently, a idea was brought up on this thread

Essentially, the premise made by Blaine Wiley is that “We have no industry marketing theme, and we don’t collectively educate the buying public about what we do, why we do it, how we do it, and why it is so vitally important to them.”

As a challenge to all home inspectors I propose a contest. Create and submit to this thread, the public service message that you think best fills the void described by Blaine’s quote above. Winner receives one free year of Home Hints eNews with capacity for 2500 email addresses, value $299.00 (

Rules are simple:

Anyone is eligible, must be 18 to win. Prize not transferrable to others.

Must be 200 characters or less.

One entry per person.

Must be original.

Must stick to the subject matter.

Deadline for entry is midnight August 26, 2007.

How to enter:

Post your entry to this thread by midnight August 26, 2007.

Four finalists will be selected from the entries. The final winner will be determined by message board poll.