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Which InterNACHI online course is good for “LAW” credits?

Who are the ‘LAW Credits’ for?
What organization/entity/government??

I found it. Now I have to figure out how to delete this question so I don’t waste anyone’s time.

Instead, why don’t you post what you found as it may help others.
That is what this MB is primarily for!
Don’t be a ‘Taker’… be a ‘Giver’!


I don’t think you can delete the thread once it’s been posted.

I agree, now that he’s peaked our curiosity.

I had renewed my Nevada license with plenty of CE credit/hours but had received a letter that I was deficient of specifically 3 hours of “LAW” and 3 hours of “Safety”. Well, I had entered “Law” in the course search bar but no results showed up. Anyway, I jumped the gun with the question as a new search for “Nevada” generated a new list of options including " Nevada Home Inspectors Standards of Practice & Legal Rules Course" for 5 hour/credits…that’ll do it. Jeffrey, thank you for your persistent assist. Appreciated… have a blessed weekend, peace and grace.


Good info.
I know we have other Nevada members here that sometimes run into issues with state requirements.
That may help them with their needs.

Side note… see if you can go back and update the thread Title to include “Searchable Terms” that are not so generic. This is why the search feature is a PIA to get quality results from. Simply changing your title to “Nevada CE Help Needed”, (or just add the word ‘Nevada’ to what you already have), would make a world of difference when someone is doing a search.
Thanks, and you’re welcome.

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