from my last post in “a little water damage” thread.

Pic 1 - improper shims on what appears to be a new main beam. main beam unsupported at butt ends as well (no usable picture):neutral:

Pics 2-5 framing for fireplace - completely unsupported, main beam cracking and dropped 1/4" at one end. Joists dropping, excessive nailing weakening members, no pier support/joist hangers.
The bungee cords you may see in the background was “a stabilization” addition for the well-trol tank. :shock:





Daskus_Homestead_3_9_08 126.jpg

Well-trol as previously noted.

Daskus_Homestead_3_9_08 103.jpg

Daskus_Homestead_3_9_08 105.jpg

Daskus_Homestead_3_9_08 104.jpg

You don’t want to be standing near if the bungee cords break ! :mrgreen:

The current owner likes to “shake things up a bit” :mrgreen: