Continuing Ecucation classes for the state

Do all the classes taken by an Internachi member within the first year cover the 14 hours of continuing education requirments for the state of Florida?

NO! First, there is no C.E. requirement for the first renewal period. Next, you need to check the DBPR site for approved classes.
Suggestion, simple take the 16 C.E. class we (InterNACHI) have for wind Mitigation and you will meet both state requirements for the 14 hours required and the wind mit requirement. But take it after July 31 st. to get the credit for the 2014 renewal period.

Thank you for your help. Everything has changed so fast this year. I was told that I would need to do 14 hours of C. E. every year before I renewed my License. I also heard something about a two hour class that was going to be mandatory by the state dealing with updated hurricane info. Is this true and if so when does it take effect?

I post every approval as it comes in here: Scroll down that page to see them all.

It is 14 hours for every RENEWAL period not every year. The renewal period is a 2 year period. The wind mit course with us is approved as mentioned earlier.
hope this helps.