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Hello to all.

Ben or anyone else who may know, is there a list of all the courses Florida accepts for the renewal process in one place? I have heard here that the wind mit course would do it but I would rather take something I have not taken yet to broaden my knowledge. Thanks in advance.

This is the entire approved list with contact names and numbers

Thanks Les :slight_smile:

Broaden your knowledge later. I suspect there will be a rush of people renewing this month. Take the wm course and it will be posted to the dbpr then pay the 5 bucks and you are done.

Naa. I really dislike doing the same thing twice or even similar things especially things like courses. Like teachers giving busy work the last few days of the year. I do not like wasted time.

So do I however, 20 minutes or whatever it was to take the course and test vs taking other courses that may require more time, I would, and did, take the former route! I would suggest others do as well. :smiley:

I do understand that way of thinking but I do not want to be out in this hellish weather anyhow so I might as well learn something new.

What i will likely do is find courses that would also go towards my Infrared cert and kill 2 birds with one stone :slight_smile:

I took the Wind Mit course a few nights ago (and the final exam) but nothing has posted to the DBPR as of yet. Is it automatic, or is there something that I have to do in order for it to link with the State? Maybe it just takes a few days

It took 4 days form mine, if I remember correctly. After it is posted, go to the portal and renew.

It’s running about a week or so behind right now. They were a month behind at one point, but they caught up.

For the contractors here that still need the 5 Compliance hours after taking the wind mit course with NACHI, here is a pretty good deal until the 15th of this month. 14 hrs of CILB CEU’s for $49. You can take as little or all of it as you wish. Each module is separate. Use the discount code “GOAD” at checkout…I took it.

You can renew without having the ceu’s posted.

Try it if you don’t believe.

You can renew, but you won’t get your license until all CEU’s are in their system.

I don’t know Brad…it was supposed to be $150 and it is only five dollars to renew. Maybe they don’t even check. Maybe they are free now! :shock: :shock:

$5…why is that number so familiar? :mrgreen:

Seriously, when I called, they did have my ceus in the system, you will probably just have to wait until next week and then about a week later, your licence will show up in the mail.

I got my HI license weeks ago.

Looks like a good school, I found these courses




Don’t worry, there’s no spilling tist in this state :mrgreen:

Well it appears from the notes I took previously that none of the InterNACHI courses needed to get my Infrared thermographer certificate would count towards my CE’s so I guess it is the wind mit method for me as well :slight_smile:

Well woo hoo I did it years ago and it still counts :slight_smile:

I guess I just have to pay my $5 now and I am good for that useless piece of paper.

Only problem left is I have to send them the info so it goes towards my G.C. License.
Anyone out there know of an ala cart method of taking the remaining online courses needed for my G.C. License?

If so Please post link.

Why would you renew your home inspector license if you have a GC license? Per the Koning CILB dec. statement, licensed contractors don’t need a home inspector license to do home inspections.


Here’s a link to courses I took - then click CILB

These are the four hours I needed for GC besides my InterNACHI course credits;

Workers Comp, Business and Safety Bundle - $49
Provides 3 Continuing Education Credits for Florida CILB
1 hr Business, 1 hr Workers Comp., 1 hr Workplace Safety
(course 0010205, 0010344, 0608742, provider id 0001189)

FS 489 and CILB Rules - $19
Provides 1 Continuing Education Credits for Florida CILB
Laws and Rules
(course 0010016, provider id 0001189)