Continuing ed requirements

I can believe what Dan says as I have seen the same thing here in Canada .
It is to bad but I do not think you have done your home work before you made that reply.
Please understand I support NACHI all the way and feel it is much more for the members then other associations .
Have been around longer them many and belonging to other associations and on the various committees.
I do have a little understanding of the Inspection Industry
Roy Cooke

Roy I apologize, i know other members belong to other associations, and I personally know nothing about ashi, it just came to my head and I just said that for Dan’s benefit, he likes to egg people on and is a trouble maker. Please don’t take it as disrespect or personally,it was meant only for Dan.

If I offended you or any other members, I do apologize, I was not targeting you or anyone other than Dan. I merely made that comment in aggravation for what he is doing on this board. You may know him and agree with him, that is your choice. I have read various posts by him and I believe him to be a trouble maker here that only logs on to insult Nachi and its president. I never said anything about your knowledge. I have been with Nachi a few months and I have learn a great deal from Nachi and Its members, and feel it is the only membership for me. Nick has done a great things for this association from what I have seen and he deserves his members respect and their backing. What I paid to be a member in Nachi has paid for itself three times over so far. I am going to defend my fellow inspectors and Nachi when someone attacks them for no reason. I don’t have to explain my reasons really, I just simply don’t like what he says, and that is good enough for me. If you take that aimed toward you I am sorry.

No I am not easily offended .
If I am going to give it out I should be prepaired to get it back .
Have no Love for Dan and have voiced my thoughts frequently to those who come into my home association NACHI that are not members and run it down .
I do not like it and feel it is not their place to tell me what we should do when they have little ideas on what we have .
Unfortunately he hit what is a sore spot.
Members who have not paid and still they get the same benefits you and I do Like Inspection referrals.
Roy Cooke

Exactly! I can agree with you on that.


I was non-member for about one-month before I joined Nachi. When I logged on I just browsed and read posts…all of which was excellent information by many very intelligent Home Inspectors. I personally think I got way to much good information for free. Non-members should have to paid a temporary membership fee. This would weed out those that are not serious about joining Nachi or get rid of those that are only here to bash Nachi. Say Nachi could charge them $19.95 for a month of trial membership. I would have paid the $19.95 for a trial membership because I was serious about a long term association, and I wanted to know more about the benefits of Nachi. Way to much free info on here. If they join after their trial the $19.95 can come off the yearly membership price.

I was a member of OAHI , joined PACHI then it amalgamated with OAHI/CAHPI was on various committees with all of them and know how poorly they treat the members .
I am the oldest Canadian NACHI member and certainly appreciate what we have .
I do not mind seeing the none member peruse our board and even ask questions and give help in fact I much appreciate it .
Where I get disappointed is when they come into my home as a visitor and try and tell us how we should do things Knowing how poor their own association is .
My feeling is visit help if you wish or stay the HE77 away .
We do have some great visitors who help me and other big time and I would not like to see them have to stay away ,many no even Home inspectors .
They are just kind people who enjoying giving us advice and assistance.
Roy Cooke