Continuing education Sucks !!

Well I guess it is not so bad. It gets easier every time, if you just weigh your options.

If you take the at location classes you are crazy.
Feel free to contact me anytime to ask why.

Online is the only way to do it.
If you do not get it just ask and I can explain how to take care of your requirements while at the beach all weekend.

To actually go to a location is insane.


I still remember a class many years ago in Clearwater Florida…
Buckets of Beer and Stone Crabs…
I remember that… forget what the Class was about…

I think that is the golden ticket:)

Fun class that meets the requirements.

I foresee a future in education :slight_smile:

To all the idiots that wanted licensing:

THANKS It just cost me $205 for the Hi Lice and $259 for the G.C.

I could have donated the 205 to charity.

Those who wanted it are idiots.

Do they have a course there for “customer relations”? :mrgreen:

no… :slight_smile:
I argued with Gerry Beaumont for a bit to incorporate Sales / Marketing as a part of the NACHI Convention CE…
It took finding a British Business Coach whose hobby was restoring British Sportscars to catch his attention…
We had a Sales / Marketing Coach for CE at the first convention in Orlando (Disney) … (2003)

I don’t know.

My customers appear to love me :smiley:

Appearances may be deceiving…:wink:

NACHI saw that early on…
Money was not spent / invested in “One Time” Licensing Test Fees…
Inspectors with Time / Tenure need quality and affordable CEU’s
Pick the right places…
Offer the Best Education…
at a Reasonable Rate…

And XXXX wonders why they fell behind NACHI…


Still can…
You can donate it to the Erics Mako gas fund as lobster season is right around the corner!:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Damn State got the gas money I was going to chip in :frowning:

Thanks for the thought! :smiley:

I’m running the same campaign :smiley: