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Where EXACTLY do you find courses for these 6 separate courses. I can’t find anything on inspection methods, reporting and professional practice. They are under the CE page and don’t come up if you search for them. Thanks in advance.

The continuing education must include: 2 hours in building systems; 6 hours in general; 2 hours in hurricane mitigation; 2 hours in inspection methods; 1 hour in reporting; and 1 hour in professional practice.

Scroll about 1/5th of the way down this page and read:

As I said, I can’t find anything for the SPECIFIC courses of insp methods, reporting, professional practice. I see where all the other courses are, but how exactly do you find the these?
Thanks again

Oh. Click on them. They are each a live link that takes you to the course.

I thought that they canceled the CE requirements

Okay, here is what I am saying. when you go to all the Nachi education, you cannot find any course CALLED “Reporting” or a course CALLED “Professional Practice” which is what dbpr says is required. I know there are courses for roof, electrical, hvac, etc, but those are right there in exact wording. I need to find the courses for “Reporting” and Professional Practice". If you can find them, I would be much oblidged. Also I see “inspection methods” under building systems, but there is no specific course for it that I can find.

Jonathan Wilhelm

Perhaps you are being too literal.

No, don’t go there. Do this (as an example):

Go here:

Pick a course (for this example I’ll choose InterNACHI’s Residential Plumbing Overview for Inspectors course).

Scroll down to Residential Plumbing Overview for Inspectors link (but don’t click on it).

Go to the link directly below it that reads Florida DBPR course approval.

Click on it.

It takes you here:

Look at the Online Approval in the left column.

It tells you exactly how the DBPR awards their categories to that course. In this case it says:

So when you take that online plumbing course, you earn 5 hours for Building Systems, 2 hours for Inspection methods, and 1 hour for Reporting.

Each course is awarded different hours for different categories. Once you finish a course, the DBPR credits you according to the hours awarded in each category for each course.

Here are the category awards for InterNACHI’s Wind Mitigation course:

		 		 	 	  So when you take InterNACHI's Wind Mitigation course, you earn 5 hours for  Building Systems, 5 hours for Inspection methods, 1 hour for  Reporting, 4 hours for Hurricane Mitigation and 1 hour for General.


FL doesn’t require that you take certain courses. FL requires you to complete certain hours of particular content that you procure by taking courses.

Does that help?

Very well explained Nick. Now I really understand! Thank you kind sir.

Jonathan Wilhelm

Concur - Now that’s well explained

Rule Title: Continuing Education Requirements for Biennial RenewalDepartment:DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL REGULATION [

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