Continuos Radon Monitor for Sale

I have a RadStar RS300 continuos radon monitor for sale. I have used it only three times, and bought it brand new. New price was over $800.00, it does come with all cable hook ups as well as the install discs. The original calibration date is 4-12-11. would like to get at least $600 for it, but may consider a reasonable offer. I live in Loveland,CO and will ship it.


Does this unit give temp and humidity readings?

Trying one more time. If the unit is still up for sale, give me a call so we can talk.
(573-746-1881 or

Hi Steve,
If you do not get a hold of me by phone later on, my email is, thank you for your interest.


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Steven -

Why would you want temp and % readings from your radon monitor.


So I can have a second line of testing to see if windows or doors have been opened or a fan placed in front of the machine to lower reading. Temp change and humidity change at or around the same time as very low reading would give me an indication that the system or air movement had been tampered with.

Steven -

Just curious. Been doing radon testing since 1987. Took EPA class in 1992.

Never had a reason to do something like this.

Its high OR its low and I moe on.

Thanks for your reason.

Matthew do you still have the continuos radon monitor?

Yes I do.

send me a phone number or your e-mail