continuous radon monitor

Does anyone know where I can buy a new or used continuous radon monitor

Try this…

Rent an RS 800 from RadonAway. $100 per month. It is the best way to go and you will be running arguably the best gear on the market. 20 tests and you can just about afford the purchase of 2 new RS 300’s. That is how I built up. I now run 7 RS 300’S and still rent the 800. They are all paid for in under 2 years. Package the radon test competitively so people will buy the service. You will be well on your way. Order Monday and you will probably have a unit by Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday. Their service is that good.

Thanks Jeff I am going to give it a try

You’re welcome!


Contact Sun Nuclear in Melbourne, FL . I have used their CRM’s for the past ten years. They are fine and not that expensive. I like the 1027. Tel: 321-259-6862. GREAT people to work with!!!

I have two Sun Nuclear 1027 for sale

I’ll buy them

I’ll buy it

I answered first and bought them. Done deal.