Contra Costa County real estate agent needs someone to check for pet dander.

Anita Cox <>
9:05 PM (38 minutes ago)

to fastreply

Hey InterNACHI: Can you send me names and contacts for inspectors certified to check for pet dander in homes?

Thank you

Does Nachi have a pet dander certification?

I bet they do now…

I know we have a ton of “Pet Friendly” inspectors out there!

Why would anyone need to check for dander? It should be in the disclosures that the previous owner had a pet, or not.

Unless the buyer is trying to accuse the seller of falsifying the disclosure on pets.

But short of a DNA sample, I’m not sure how one could prove there are or are not the presence of animals in a home. Even a black light inspection of carpet would only reveal evidence of proteins, which just as easily be spilled chicken soup as it could be pet urine.