contract issue

I recently performed a home inspection and I was lead to think that the person in the home was the one that was paying.After the inspection I called the real estate agent.She then informed me that the buyer(payer)
could not make it to the inspection.Now the buyer wants a copy with his signature.Each inspection package cost me $12.00 plus the time to rewrite the respection and to travel back to the house. The question is do I absorb the loss of time and material? Should I do awalk through to make sure that everything are as they were? How much should I
charge for something like this?

You should have a signed Inspection Agreement PRIOR to performing the inspection and certainly prior to letting someone have the report. Had you done so, you wouldn’t have the current dilemma.

I’m not clear on exactly what you’re talking about with the “package”, but it sounds to me like you should seek to satisfy your client. Eat the $12.00. You don’t need to re-inspect the house in my view.

I do not perform a home inspection without either the Buyer or the Buyer’s representative on site with me. If the Buyer is from out-of-State, I ask that they have a representative on site with me to sign the agreement and bring payment. I then perform the inspection with the Buyer or Buyer’s Rep. walking right beside me.