Contract on web site!

I took the idea and advice for Ray Wand to put our Contract/Receipt on our web site, are any of you doing this, what do you think of it and what are the pros and cons of doing it or not doing this? THanx for all input.:slight_smile:

Wonderful idea. If you get a call, just tell them to download the contract and fax it back to you. Will save you a ton of work.

Joe, are you doing this now?

I tell clients/realtors to look at my website and my contract which is posted on my site. I explain this contract will be the same contract that will be presented onsite for signature.

I’ve had it on my website since I first got a website. I like to have them fill it out and fax it to me. Under most circumstances, I don’t leave the house if I don’t have the contract in my hand, because once I drove 70 miles one way only to have a no-show. (And, when you get right down to it, you have no business in someone’s home if you don’t have a signed contract.)

Having the agreement online saves you from having to email and fax it to them.

I have my contracts and order forms on my site as well.
I never leave my office without an order form, and due to my understanding of the Peoples Republic of California right of recension laws, I want the contract in the clients hands ASAP.

Thanx to all that answered the call, got some e-mails sent to me and not on this board as it seems we are all getting a little tired of the B.S. Too bad.:shock:

It’s devolves into the Jerry Springer show about twice a year.

Ya and I will not watch that one either!:roll: