Contractor Blown Off Roof

Flat / Low Slope Roof. HVAC contractor and several other workers on the roof disconnecting package units & other equipment prior to a re-roofing job.

Winds were in the 40 - 45 mph range. An 18 yr old light-weight helper was carrying a piece of cardboard to make a template with of how the equipment was situated NOW to ensure it went back the same way. He got to the top of ladder … Just stepped off onto the roof AND wham / bamn … a gust of wind caught the cardboard and there went him, the cardboard and ladder.

Several construction workers on another building across the street saw it happen and called 911 AND ran to his aid. He had a concussion and several broken bones BUT we’re told he’s gonna be OK.

Wow! Glad he’s going to be okay. You never know.