Contractor/client dispute

Had a cold call from a contractor wanting a third party inspection of repair to try and resolve dispute with their client. What is involved with these type of inspections? If it goes to small claims court, would that affect my business?
Please advise.

Everyone, thank you for your comments. I had turned it down then was having second thoughts. Thanks again.

As for the inspection, it sounds like a partial inspection of whatever work was performed to verify that it was properly done.

If they decide they want you to testify in court as an expert witness, be sure to charge accordingly and have proof that you can back-up whatever it is you’re defending.

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IMO, if you’re not ICC code compliance Certified, stay the hell away from it!!


Unless you enjoy being the ‘middle man’ don’t consider it.


I’m happy to be the ‘middle man’… for the right FEE!!!

If the contractor didn’t have a contract with the client clearly stating what was to be done and what standard it was to meet, then it’s a he said she said situation. The next best rule of thumb would be what a similar contractor would have done in the same situation. The National Home Builders Association has a printed Residential Construction Performance Guidelines that may help. Here is the link:

I agree with Jeffrey, you might want to pass on this.