Contractor letter

Just got a call from someone looking for a contractor to do letter of condition of home, when she explained roof electrical,plumbing, hvac, well I said you need a 4 point and she said no they will not take a 4 point it must be a letter from a contractor when I asked what i s. Co. She said st. Johns.
Anybody else have this happen?

Sounds confused, should have offered to check with her agent to get the exact details.

Don’t know if this will help but…

What are the inspection rules on older homes?

Inspection rules are as follows:

Risks 30-49 years old must submit a 4 point inspection to Underwriting and if acceptable Underwriting department will grant binding authority.

Risks 50 years and older – a home’s HVAC (including ductwork), roof, electrical, and plumbing must be completely renovated in the last 15 years and this documentation must be submitted to Underwriting showing proof of renovations. If acceptable, Underwriting will order the pre-bind inspection. The pre binding inspection takes up to 30 days to get completed and the policy remains unbound during this time. For renewals, Underwriting will review the 4 point inspection on file, if available, and determine eligibility based on the renovation rule stated above. If the 4 point shows the renovations meet the 15 year (except for roofs need to be 19 years for everything except tile and certain metal) rule they will order a company 4 point inspection to be conducted. The company inspection report will be used to verify the age and condition of the 4 major systems and determine the final eligibility. If the 4 point on file shows any of the 4 major areas are not in compliance with 15 year (19 or 29 year for roof) rule they will send a non renewal notice. If there is not a 4 point on file, at the time the home turns 50, a non renewal notice will be sent out.

She was adamant that they would not take a 4 point that it had to be in letter format and by a contractor.

We have been handed 4 point forms that must be filled out by individual trade contractor or they will accept a GC to complete the entire. I use my own form unless they ask for repair estimates