Contractor Pricing

I have been appointed the overseer for the installation of four 5 ton A/C units on my local VFW hall. I have been taking bids from electrical contractors to change out 4 fused disconnects and replace with knife blade disconnects and connect to the new units, no new wire replacement. One of the bids was $1850.00 Out of his fricking mind I did not fall off the boat yesterday. Its a max of three hours labor plus the knife blades.

Me thinks my inspection work is under priced???

Let’s go on the high end. Contractor sends a technician and charges minimum half day (4 hours) at $200 per hour. Add $200 for 4 disconnects. Then he charges 30% overhead & profit. I’m still only at $1300.

But I think $8-900 is more realistic. The job’s not that difficult.

Maybe you should raise it??? :thinking:

Hope life is good for you and yours, Charley. :cowboy_hat_face:

Usually when I see bids that are out of whack, the contractor is really too busy to take the job, but figures he will do it if the price is rights!

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You forgot to add in the Travel Fee and Fuel Surcharge! :wink:

Kinda like Professional Home Inspectors. :slight_smile:

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Isn’t that the truth!

Larry I am already the highest priced inspector in my area but all is well, have not been on the board much I despise the new format it really SUX the old forum was much better.

I suspect that a lot of people feel that way. There doesn’t seem to be as much activity. The new forum is however more robust. It just takes time to adjust to something new. Many people don’t have the patience.

Yep, it takes time to get used to it. :grin:

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