Contractor Turning Inspector

Hey Guys,

My Name is Hayden McGuire and For the past 2 years I’ve owned and operated a Carpentry/Remodeling business.

Just Curious if anyone else has done the same transition and what advice you might give a Greenhorn regarding the transition… It seems like a greener pasture or maybe just easier on my back. ha!

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I think many inspectors have similar background in construction. There are also some on this forum who do both inspections and maintain their “construction” business.

As far as advice, that is a wide spectrum. You may consider being a bit more specific with your question. Best of luck moving forward.

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@bcawhern1 Thank you for the reply, and I edited my question to be slightly less broad

Greener? :moneybag: Maybe.

Easier on your back? Possibly. A lot of attics, crawlspaces, ladder toting, bending etc.

I have this input, do not quit your day job until you establish many things such as a steady stream of inspections. Then you can pick and choose where you want to spend your energy. You might be in a perfect situation to transition slowly into home inspections without starving.


Yes I have. Your carpentry business can be a great asset to your home inspection business. Market it as such and your clients will appreciate your experience.


I too was in the construction\carpentry business prior to doing inspections. But I did construction type work for 28 years. I went into inspections because I know how the systems work, framing works, etc. and My body just could not take the hard labor any more.
Its easy to see defects in something if you know how it is supposed to be. I notice stuff all the time just driving and glancing over at a house for a minute. I can spot a bad roof install a mile away. I know 50% of houses with Vinyl siding around here will not have housewrap installed. Houses with permanent brick flower planters built into the brick of the house will have moisture problems in the basement or crawlspace.
and I know if a house was a flipper house, there is going to be lots of stupid things done.

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