Control our Canadian Home Inspectors

A Self appointed group wants to control our Canadian Home Inspectors

For those Homies who sit and do nothing about Licensing in Ontario/Canada .
This is what you can look forward to .
Read the Florida section and see how Licensing is there.

Here in Kansas, it was only about 20 home inspectors against 5,000 RE agents. The other home inspectors did not want to get involved. Now all of us are suffering with the $199 home inspector, and the RE’s got what they wanted; soft, basic, cheap inspections. Last year, 180 home inspectors registered. This year, it is down to 125. There are only 4 CMI’s in Kansas, and we all are holding on by a thread.

By the way after 14 months of licensure in Kansas the HI board has had 2 complaints filed (I’m told both may have had something to do with the inspector NOT getting an Inspection Agreement to the clients before the inspection, etc).


PHPIC tried that stunt by using CREA to support licencing in Ontario.

Thankfully I attended that symposium and saw what was going on and help defeat that movement.

the best deal for all Canadian Home inspectors remains with NACHI - InterNACHI.

In Quebec, there is no talk of licensing home inspectors from the OACIQ-ACAIQ-CIGM and all other.
I remain a licensed Quebec Broker and proud (CMI) NACHI-interNACHI based in Brossard home inspector.