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I attended a Business Seminar in New Jersey last evening and I came away with some interesting comments that were made by the guest speaker that I want to share with everyone.

The topic of conversation was in terms of what you must do to make your business successful. He went thru several points of business development that you engage in the course of business growth because that is what Businessmen do to become successful.

He spoke about self-imposed mandatory attendance at Training Seminars & Conventions because that is what Businessmen do to become successful.

The decision to attend a Seminar or Convention requires a response to the afforded opportunity. There will always be problems such as Finances, Family, Business, etc? that will get in the way of making that business decision.

What needs to be done is to make the decision to attend. The problems that prevented you from making a decision become obstacles in fulfilling the business decision that you have now made.

Obstacles are easily overcome while problems can be paralyzing.

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