Convention Start

All the convention stuff ou there and I cannot see a start time.
I can only get down Friday AM and need to utilize my time as I have to leave at noon.
Anyone know the start time in morning?

Took a look at the schedule for Friday and it seems as if the Vendor Hall opens at 8:00AM (coffee and such) and the convention schedule begins at 9:00am.
Hope that helps

Try here


I will look for you at the convention, and are you only attending on Fri.?

Tell me all about it as I cannot attend. TOO BUSY! ( Friday alone would cost me over $900.)
Looking forward to hearing about all the stuff I missed :neutral:

Not only am I not making any money for four/five days but it’s costing me over $1200.00 to attend. :eek: :eek:
Sometimes you have to spend some to make some.
Besides I need a break!\:D/

Exactly I have turned down 5 inspections so far .
I am pleased to see so many who have come a long way
I Finally have got to meet about 20 people so far and the Conference does not open till tomorrow.
I expect it will be a very pleasent surprise for all…

Thanks for the info guys.

Yes only attending Friday. I am booked all day today, Turned down 2 for Friday AM, but have 2 in PM. Booked all day Sat.

I attended the conference today.
Wow. Good Vendor turn out, and lots of attendees.
It was great to see some familiar faces, and to meet many Nachi/OAHI/CAHPI inspectors/members.

The comradery was terrific, and the two seminars I took in were informative. The vendors had some terrific wears, books, equipment, computer programs, radon, you name it.

Thanks Nick and Diana and all those that have contributed, the hospitality, and dedication to the profession. Good show! Much appreciated!

I had such a good time I am going back tomorrow! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Great show and info every where you look.

I also had a great time. I want to thank the NACHI membership who welcomed me and treated me with full respect and dignity.
I hope to be around for the next couple of days to meet even more of you.

Bill Mullen

Do not hog it all, save some for me.
I be there in AM


I didn’t know that you attended the convention. Talk to Roy and he will point me out I would like to meet you.


It was nice meeting you!!


And it was nice to finally meet you Ray!!!

I hope to meet all of you at Brocks presentation at 11:00 AM in the Sutherland 2 room. He is persenting the Alberta governments review of the home inspection industry and the status of the review.


I will look for you on Fri.


It’s good that your busy,it would have been nice to see you again!!

BTW Mario, it was good of you to donate those door prizes.


It was my pleasure Chris!!!