Convention update

This is an update on the 2 conventions we’re working on. The first, Inspection Universe, is almost ready to go and will be in Florida again this year, in the summer. It will be affordable for all. A second, shorter, smaller event in Vegas will be held in the winter and we’re working on making the Vegas one free for InterNACHI members only and very affordable for everyone else.

The Inspection Universe site is not quite done yet but some on the message board have been asking about who pays for conventions. InterNACHI doesn’t. Attendees and vendors pay for conventions (mostly vendors) and it is they that have to be able to afford them. Anyway, you can sneak peek at the site now

One of the problems for vendors (who carry the bulk of the costs of these conventions) is that in this current market, many small vendors can’t afford to attend. Without them, you can’t have a convention. Remember, the booth space cost is small compared to the cost of flying in people to staff the booth, their time, the time the vendor loses by having employees away from the office, hotel rooms, food, rental cars, etc. It often costs a smaller vendor $10,000.00 in real costs to come to a convention, even when the booth space is inexpensive. Without their booth space fees, we can’t have a convention.

So… I figured out a solution so that the smaller vendors can afford to have a staffed booth. I quickly set up an in-house event modeling agency

Then I went back to all the smaller vendors who said that they couldn’t afford to attend and explained that we can set up their booths, attract attention to their booths, pass out their literature and free samples, tear down their booth at the end of the convention, and ship it back, all for free. The vendor doesn’t even have to attend. All the vendor would have to pay for was the booth space.

Anyway, every vendor who intially said they couldn’t afford to come… is now on board with this new option where all they have to do is buy the booth space and ship their stuff to the convention. I expect a full exhibitor hall.

We’re working to get 'er done.

SWEEEEEEEEETTTTT!!! That’s a cool deal Nick. I hope that the smaller vendors still choose to send at least minimal staffing so that a knowledgeable person is there to educate folks about their products. Maybe you can help them to save on airfare and hotel by allowing them to use our iNachi discounts, and maybe even contact a host hotel for special discounts.

Thanks for all you do!!!

Yeah, ShowSmiles worked.

It also has the advantage of allowing our members to be exposed to small vendors that normally remain under the radar.

Many small vendors have really awesome new products and services that our industry doesn’t know about.

Also, not only are there many smaller vendors who can’t afford to come to a convention, some can’t come because their wives don’t allow them! :smiley:

I’ll be there for sure. And I hope my booth comes at a highly reduced cost for reasons many probably know :wink:

I contacted Eliot Spitzer’s office to help me out with a booth babe. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll give Craigslist a shot. And if that fails, I’ll find a local, hot bartender who is not busy during the day.

Or just borrow NACHI.TV staffers. :cool:

I kinda look at them like little sisters, ya know? I know them too well. And even more detrimental is that they know ME too well :twisted:

Oh yeah… we really believe you…:roll:

(A second, shorter, smaller event in Vegas)

What date so every one can make plans

Hey Nick;

Given market conditions. Maybe the Las Vegas option is better left to the annual ITA Conference. It no doubt would allow you to focus resources and vendor marketing on your larger Florida show.

I know you didn’t care for the ITA show this year. I found it to be reasonably priced. It also provided a great opportunity to obtain additional training, CEU’s and interact with a robust group of vendor products and services.

Will, that was my original plan, but the ITA courses stunk. How many “doors and windows 101” courses can we stomach? I even attended the marketing round table. It was stuff we were doing 10 years ago. InterNACHI is now not just the industry’s largest educator… it’s the industry’s cutting edge… and with that leadership position comes some duty.

I’ll give them a call tomorrow though and offer them our infrared,, business success, marketing, etc. courses. If they’ll agree to have us provide a chunk of the education, I’ll agree to stay out of Vegas and pack their classes. Fair enough? Don’t hold your breath though… Mike Casey has left ITA.

Hey Nick:

If you need a Keynote Speaker, I still have half of last year’s presentation untouched.
Bil Mullen

Bill, I’m looking for speakers for the Florida convention. Do you have a technical topic? I’d love to have you.

I’m going to be one of the speakers at the convention in Florida, discussing Search Engine Optimization and good website design. I hope to see most of you guys there!


I may actually have to come to this one (Florida) and teach you all some serious “face to face” and “follow-up” sales strategies and closing techniques that work.

I met a lot of great people and made some lasting friendships at the convention last year in Toronto. I might take you up on that offer, but I have to clear it with ‘She who must be obeyed’.

Bill Mullen

I’d love to attend this Florida event, but this event is taking place at the busiest time of the year for me. I’ll lose quite a bit of money if I were to close my doors for that week-end.

Maybe next time, there will be an end of year (slow time of the year for me) event.