Convert your Mag Lite to LED

You can now convert any size Mag Lite to LED.

I just purchased the LED upgrade for the Mini Mag Lite, for $4.50 U.S.
and other neat stuff!

It really extends the life of the batteries, but you don’t get as many lumens as some LED lights.

I like LED for getting around.
Still need 200,000,000 cp for the attic and CS though.

Wal-mart has 3 watt LED’s for 2,3, and 4 cell mags. Light output is very good, and is still able to be focused. Costs about $18.

Really David, two hundred million candle power, aren’t you afraid of starting a fire?:roll: :wink: Does the AEC know you have this equipment?:twisted:

I think I’ve tried them all, and especially liked the Ultra Stinger, until I tried a Surefire, which i believe was developed for military use. What I like most about it is its compact size, which allows it to fits easily into the back pocket of jeans. It comes with two rechargeable batteries and a charger that works in any vehicle. It has an extremely bright, intense light, and no halos. It has two control “switches.” One requires constant pressure on a spring pad at the back end of the unit, and the other requires turning the flared head “on” or “off,” but there are less threads than desireable, which has caused the head (with bulb etc,) to spring off. Despite that, I’m still a big fan of Surefire. It’s a bit pricey, $200.00, but well worth it to me.


my 00000000000000000000000000 key stuck!

Correction 2,000,000 ??

Which one do you use Keith?

Holy Cow! Didn’t know there were so many until I clicked on the link. Will certainly look close at all of them, but mine appears to be the “8NX Commander.” Just to repeat, I loved Mag Lites, and also the Ultra Stinger, but I sometimes managed to drop them or have them fall out of my pocket, and with the Surefire that that has never happened and would be nearly impossible to happen. Also, I had problems with the button-trigger on the Mag and Ultra Stinger, and also seemed to go through bulbs too quickly. Perhaps because I’m ex-military that I like the Surefire, but I really do.

Take a look at the little pelican brand xenon flashlights. Uses two 3w camara batteries, is about 5" long and 1" diameter, solid metal construction and puts out more light than my 3d Maglite. Bought it for $25 at Fry’s.

I have never found the Mag Lite to be a good performer for light output.

Energizer did make or does make a Xenon flashlite, it takes four AA batteries and has a double barrel machined aluminum. Great ligtht output for size.

I have 2 Ultra Stingersin my tool bag, very bright lights.

I’m not interested in the leds Raymond. but, thanks to your thread I purchased a nice hippocket tool pouch from that site. Great for carrying small to medium tools around and also the digital camera and a pda. Thanks for your thread.



I hate to break it to you but that pouch is $7 cheaper at

Yes I know. I should have mentioned that also. What I meant to say was that becuase of his post I looked and found the item as you mention at the other website. :wink: Thanks. $19.95. I should be getting it in tomorrow.


Hi Guys,
The surefire is a jam up light. Lots of light with a very clean beam, no shadows. Here’s another one you might look at. Inova makes a 4 watt LED that puts out 100 Lumens. Also very bright and clean light. By far the best LED I’ve found. It cost about $125 at Brigade Quartermaster (Law enforcement and military supplier).Check it out.