Converting Leads to Clients

I’m getting a few leads through Angi leads. My problem is that most of the people I speak with say they are in need of an inspection, but they generally tell me that they need to speak with wife/husband/uncle/etc. I’m stumped as to how I convert these leads into clients.
What should I say/ask to get them to commit to having an inspection? Does anyone have a script they follow that I could use?

I ask them if they have every had an inspection performed and, if they haven’t, I explain what it involves. I get the details of the job and then give them a price. Then I ask them if they would like to schedule the inspection or if they are just shopping around for prices. If they are just shopping around, I say “That’s fine. Just give me a call or text if you would like me to do the inspection”.

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They’re just trying to politely stop the conversation. Your client will chose an inspector they trust. What are you saying to them to earn their trust? Engage your client and pull them into the conversation. Explain what you will do and why you are fantastic at it.

You are a salesman at this point and a home inspector when you boots cross the door.


My problem is that I’m new to this, how do I engage them? How do I sell them on my service?
I ask them about the home, its size, and location? What else should I be asking them?

After you ask them about all that stuff tell them about you. This is your time to sell yourself.


Reasonable question. Fact is, if you do not believe in yourself no one else will.

A script will sound scripted, but talking points should be memorized.

Placing yourself in the shoes of your client, try a role play. Write down the hard questions they will ask and how you will answer them. Write down all your strengths and believe in them. Make a point to interject the strengths into the conversation. Learn how to close a deal (may require research).

You will fall flat a few times, and often it will be out of your control. Press on and learn. Remember, each no is one step closer to a yes based solely on statistics.

Good news, your phone is ringing!


Very well said Brian. A client will be able to smell the lack of confidence a mile away.

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I have said some crazy things to sell myself. Sometimes it works sometimes not.

One recent statement that closed a deal with a 1st time home buyer was this.

“I know you are shopping and you should, that is smart! I hope you select me because I really do not want just anybody inspecting your first home. I’ll walk you through the entire process, taking whatever time you need to fully understand any problems I find.”


What are you primary lead generation sources? Realtors?

One small tip that can work sometimes; present a sense of urgency. This tactic is used by marketing professionals in a wide variety of business.

If the lead is legitimate, they took the time to fill out the form on Angi’s website and agreed to have inspectors contact them. They likely do need a home inspection, even if they truly want to review their options with their spouse or whatever.

To give a sense of urgency, you can mention the crazy market and how your inspection time slots change very quickly. Give the impression that they better reserve one now or it will be gone. This also conveys that you are very busy, meaning you are in demand.

Be careful though. Don’t overdue it or the client will sense they are being “pitched to.” You have to learn how to slip it in smoothly and without coming off as desperate to close the deal.


You need to get them talking. It’s a proven fact, the more they talk the more they trust you. Ask questions like 1- Where is the home your buying, 2- Is this your first home purchase 3- Tell me a bit about the home 4- How soon do you need the inspection 5- What are your concerns if any with the home 6- (Preface with I always ask to assure we look for GFCI even if the home predates certain codes) do you have young children? (tell them a story - I always tell them the things I used to do as a child like sticking things in the electrical outlet) 7- Do you need to review how the systems in the home wok during the inspection? 8 - Does the home have xyz features you need to review - i.e. gas heat, oil etc.


Definition Of Sales

The gentle art of giving someone your own way.


A 30ish woman called me an the first thing out of her mouth was; “How much does the inspection cost?”.

I countered with; “Oh, about a million dollars.”

She started laughing and we got a rapport going and I ended up doing 4 inspections for her and he husband.

Ya never know what will happen. But, Brian (I think) said you have to believe in yourself and your capabilities. :+1:


The most important part of this job…
Doesn’t matter what you know or can do, or how many times you have done it, you won’t get the job if you can’t work the phone. You can’t expect the people you spend all that time and money on to make your phone ring, sell the job for you. That part is on you. I think this is the most unliked part of this job for most.

You told them just what they needed to know to eliminate you, period!

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