looks like someone thought this was the oven!

Miller 123.jpg

:shock: :shock: :shock: YIKES:shock: :shock: :shock:

Hi to all,

Charles, it makes you wonder what they were using for fuses in that missing block, also did you pull the front of, what kind of state were the conductors in?



Here is a picture of the inside. The fuse block was missing when I was there but as you can see its a mess inside. I normally wouldn’t even take the cover off a panel like this except that I like to get pictures for my collection! Double and triple taps, over-sized fuses etc.

Miller 126.jpg

Defer…Defer…Defer…gotta get the PIC but then Defer…Defer…Defer…lol

I certainly do hope that you made substantial reference to the missing screw in the upper left corner–after all, that can be very, very dangerous…

What the pic doesn’t show is the two missing screws on the bottom:)

One screw holding that cover??–another use for duct tape!!