Cool images of refratory failure

Here are a couple of images of a 100M Btu/Hr Generator/Boiler that has damage to a section of the refratory brick.




Do the new cameras allow you to delineate “isotherms” with their temperatures? The temperature colour bar gives you the upper and lower temps but what about the temps of the intermediate colours?


What camera do you use?

I believe Kevin is enjoying a Thermacam T400.

Nice shots, Kevin.

Yes, I can set isotherms with my camera, the FLIR T400.

I can set an isotherm for different applications:

  1. Isotherm set to appear when a temperature rises above a preset value.
  2. Isotherm set to appear when a temperature falls below a preset value.
  3. Isotherm set to appear when the camera detects an area where there could be increased levels of humidity in a building.
  4. Isotherm set to appear when the camera detects an area where there could be missing insulation in a wall.

I could have set an isotherm for this application.


Any pictures you’ve done of an area delineated by an isothermic line?

Isotherms can be incorporated while conducting a real time scan of an object and in post processing.

Here is an example of missing insulation on the flange (coupling) on the expansion tank for the generator in the first example. This particular generator was regulated to have an operating temperature of about 310 deg F.

So, you could set an Isotherm for a temperature above 250 deg F while scanning the insulation on the boiler piping and associated equipment. The Isotherm will alert you to areas that surface temperature exceeds 250 deg F.

I set the Isotherm in the image below to display in a “glow-blow” palette, while the image is set in a “mid-grey” palette. This gives a very crisp and “high Contrast” thermogram.




Nice camera. I am just about to get started in infrared and will be picking up the FLIR B200 and as I get more experienced and educated, will likely move to the T400 as I build my business and client base.

Congrats!! The B200 is a very nice camera. I started out using a BCAM SD, then upgraded to the T400 to focus on commercial applications.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Here is another example. This is a closed loop circulating pump running hotter than a similar pump. Set the Isotherm to the pump that you believe to be running at normal temperature, then it will alert you to temperatures above that threshold.

This motor was running about 22 deg F higher than the other motor, which could be an indication of an internal winding or insulation problem.




Thanks, Kevin!

Last time I played with IR was 1981…a chest carried, liquid nitrogen cooled IR sensitive chip…the AGA Thermovision 720 with a 3"X3" black/white fuzzy screen. The isotherms showed as white dashed lines!!

Nice unit you have there!!


Thanks. I’m looking forward to getting the camera and completing my training. I plan on taking Level 1 and 2 and building science. Mind if I contact you sometime to pick your brain regarding how you got started?

Sure, I will help if I can.