Cool Light Show

Merry Christmas to all…! :smiley:


Merry Christmas


unbelievable! Is that Paul A. house?

Not Paul’s… the house belongs to a computer programer with Cincinnati Bell.

Two years ago he had to turn off the show because of the traffic it caused (his idea to stop the show). He re-built the production at a local park last year and this–the show is over 15 minutes long. We took 4 of our grandkids to see it last night, ages 6 to 16, and they all loved it. My wife and I are going to see/hear the Trans Siberian Orchestra in concert this Friday, the 28th.


This home is a neighbor of a Family Member in Toronto…

Thanks Joe.

I have two family members that live in that area. It is just North of the City and is a very exclusive area.