Cool time-saving software tool

I have a few often-used phrases that I can’t really make part of my template for various reasons. I have a spreadsheet of these phrases so I can copy and paste out of there and into my reports as needed. That is fairly cumbersome though so I went looking for something better.

I found a cool, free software called Beeftext. It allows you to set up your phrases and then use a keyword to insert them into whatever application you are working in. For instance, I have one set up to insert the phrase “Year of Manufacture: Unknown - The data tag was missing or unreadable.” To insert this phrase, I simply type “mtag” (without the quotes).

Your keywords can be whatever you like, but you should follow a few basic rules.

  1. Don’t use a series of letters that are a part of a common word. If I used “tag” for my keyword in the example above, it would pull in my phrase even when that wasn’t my intention.

  2. Don’t build off already used keywords. For instance, don’t use “mtags” if you are already using “mtag.”

  3. Don’t use single letters or numbers, obviously.

  4. Use keywords that are easy to remember and associate with the phrase. “mtag” to me means Missing Tag. You can also make a cheat sheet to have on your desk.

Here is a link to the website for those interested! I use it on my Windows desktop with no problems. It is very simple to set up and use. I believe similar apps are available for mobile devices.


Thanks. Will check it out.

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My question is why can’t you put these phrases in your template?


Technically I can. Other Spectora users do in various fashions. The way I have my template set up to produce the look I want in the report, I would have to add them into the template but then delete them if I don’t need them.

So I have three different phrases for why the year of manufacture could not be determined. I would have to put all three phrases into my template and delete the ones I am not using for that particular report. If I have a year of manufacture to put in the report, I would have to delete all three phrases. I have done it that way too, but this is much quicker.


(I know you’ve been waiting for this…)…

What the hell is wrong with your alleged, fantastic ‘Spectora’??


As soon as I saw you were typing, I knew what was coming, lol.

Spectora does provide a few ways to make this easy. But, in my opinion, the readability of the report is sacrificed using the provided methods.


You could just make those phrases multiple choice options in the info section for whichever system your working on.

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That is a way. But I don’t like how it formats on the report when doing that. Here is how I like mine to look…


And in order to get the look I want, I have to type the phrase or year in here…

You could just add it as an additional info item that you click on whenever needed. For example:
Here is what mine looks like normally: (sorry it’s is not clear, was just taking a photo of my screen)

Then I can click an info item: (condensate line pump)

And get this:

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I guess your layout is a little different, but seems like it would work?

That is another option. Although I like to keep the info items somewhat limited in number. Maybe I’ll play around with it some more though.

As a side note, add a button on your taskbar for the Windows Snipping tool. Makes it super-easy to grab a screenshot.

Thanks, how do you do that? I just use the windows and print screen button at the same time.

(When replying, I just took photos because I thought it would be faster)

I had to unpin it and use my camera in order to show you how, lol.

  1. Go to search
  2. Type in “snipping tool”
  3. Right click and select pin to taskbar

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Just for fun…

So you’re the one person using Microsoft Edge eh? :rofl: :+1: :grin: :laughing:


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Ryan, I am sure we all have canned reporting narratives in our software. Question is, why delete the ones not being used for that report? Just do not include them.
HIP has up to 20 places to hold canned narrative if I am not mistaken. I say that because it has been some time that I have used HIP.

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Nope… One of my backups…


Note the two ‘snipping tools’ I use. :wink:

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It’s a little hard to explain if you are not familiar with Spectora. But yes, you can have as many canned narratives as you want. The area where most Spectora users (Spectorians we are called :wink:) put the manufacture date is not in the “deficiency” area where you would have narratives like you describe.

Anyways, Spectora has options for making my phrases a “checkbox” item where you would simply need to click the box to have the phrase inserted into the report. The problem is that I am not a big fan of how that ends up being formatted in the report. No big deal, everyone likes what they like, lol.


Looks like you are still on Windows 10. Come on, get with the program! What’s the other snipping tool?

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Windows 7 on my Business desktop…
Windows 7 on my Business laptop…
Windows 10 on the personal/family AIO…

And soon to be…
Windows 11 on a Business tablet.