Copper oil line used as water supply to sink

I found the polyethylene coated copper tubing for fuel oil used as a water supply line under a sink.

Does anybody know if this is an accepted use for this product? Vs the polyethylene coated copper tubing for potable water manufactured by the same comapany (Kamco or Mueller Industries whom I am waiting on responses from).


How do you know it is for fuel ? Just askin’.
Is orange for fuel ?

Based on the 2 manufacturers that I found ( I am sure there are others) Orange is for fuel oil and has grooves between tubing and copper. Yellow for gas, red/blue/ purple for water. I guess it is more of a question as to whether or not they are all rated the same but have different coatings as a visual.

Did you hear back from the manufacturers?

This was the response I got from Kamco Products:

The product is color coded and marked as fuel oil and that is its intended use.

If the installation was made using ½” material, it would, technically, meet the ASTM B-88 (Type L) code for potable water, as that is what we manufacture the copper to.

3/8” OD Oil Pro-Tec is made to refrigeration standard ASTM B-280, which is cleaned to a different specification and not designed for potable water. You would have to do some real digging for the suitability of using refrigeration grade for potable water application, if 3/8” OD was utilized. As a rule of thumb, we do not endorse that practice.

However, from a content identification standpoint (and it might be moot being found under a sink), probably not much danger in mistaken line identification as it would be pretty clear where its connected to and what the contents would be. If those lines continue throughout the house, into the basement etc., might be a good idea to apply stickers or some kind of identification that the line is for water, and not fuel oil.

The real issue is substituting gas lines for potable water, or vice-versa.