Copper on roof to prevent algae

Does anyone know of a website explaining the correct way copper should be added to existing shingles on a roof?


I don’t know about copper…always used zinc…

See here…

Copper works better than zinc, but zinc is less expensive.


They always get installed under the ridge shingles as it is the highest portion of the roof.

I recommend these Zinc strips to my clients.

Yes, Copper will work also.

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just to add to the confusion :wink: The last ones I installed a few years ago were a copper/zinc alloy, I believe zinc is too soft to be used by itself.

I hope this helps (but suspect it doesn’t) :mrgreen: :mrgreen:



OK - I realize I should’ve given a little more info on why I ask this question. I went with a friend to look at a house she was thinking of buying. I wasn’t doing an inspection, she just wanted me to ride along to see 3 homes she is considering. I didn’t have a camera with me & one of the homes had an approximately 6" wide strip of copper nailed about 1 1/2’ down from the ridge of the roof. It was kind of woven between the lower edges of the row of shingles above the copper & the nails were driven through & exposed to the exterior.

Well, my friends fiance supposedly worked with a roofer at one point & time & he told her this is how they do it on an existing shingle roof & there is nothing wrong with it. I don’t intend to get in the middle, but I told her I would expect the exposed nailheads to leak somewhere down the line, if they are not already.

I wanted to find a website which showed (very simply) how to properly install it to show my friend.

That sounds like my WALK inspection that I do for property investors. Since there obviously is a demand in your area, consider offering choices if you don’t already.


Exposed nails do not have to be removed. Simply recommend a dab of roofing tar onto all roofing nail heads.

I love this site Carol, always has good info:

Here is a list of the roofing issues he’s discussed.

Thank you Peter - That’s what I was looking for. :smiley: Much appreciated.

Thank you to everyone else too.