Copper Thieves

I do admire the professional job, though. :frowning: </IMG>

This is mine from yesterday. They took 8 ft of refridg lines and cut the electric to it and pulled the wires from the panel to the a/c unit! All 8 ft of it!


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Up here, there have been one or two thieves killed when stealing wire from power substations they thought were not energized- one was at an abondoned mine site or smelter…the utility still had power running to the transformers.

They have stolen copper gutter systems and roofing from churches and as the prices of all metals went up, even manhole covers were taken.

It seems like thieves are not as lazy as they used to be, they’re actually willing to work for their stolen loot these days. If they get caught, they know they will not get sent to prison, but merely deported, then they turn around and come right back, and start over.

Aren’t you a Christian? Why the bias? I’m sure all thieves aren’t recent illegal immigrants. Some of them are spawn of illegal immigrants (now called citizens) who came over the centuries!!

Statistically speaking we all know that local jails hold an estimated 456,000 adults, or about 1 in every 419 adult U.S. residents. Men make up 90% of adult jail inmates. And virtually all of these are HIs!

I talked to a couple of local cops, who said the last 10 or so that were caught were illegals, 3 of them repeat offenders. What has this got to do with my beliefs in anything. Sheesh! you people are too religious!

If they worked that hard at a real job they would probably be management material.

Here’s what you get when questioning people’s apparent biased views…who’s on this board???

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Fill in the first one with 6 letters starting with what…n!!!

What a shame. But expected from certain members.

Besides, it’s very difficult to “deport” an American citizen. If people think illegals are the only ones stealing, you’ve been living in a closet for a looong time.