Cord is cut. So to speak!

Disconnected my satellite service today!
So no actual cord cut, but felt good anyway.
Too much dough for too little return IMHO, so I dumped them.

Replaced with netflix streaming for less than ten bucks a month.
And got an HD antenna for local.

We’ve talked a lot on these forums of hands reaching in our pockets for a piece of our pie.
Nathan for instance and a lot of others. Not judging btw.

Outside of our biz there are many others doing the same.

I’m just starting to pare it all down to what really benefits me.

What… no “referral queen” in your house? :mrgreen:

I think you made a good choice. I only watch netflix and Hulu. I haven’t had cable in about 8 years.

? Missed that one jj

I’ve been looking at hulu.

What’s the main diff with it and Netflix?

I cut Comcast 8 months ago, went from $186 a months to $80.00

I bought Roku and have Netflix and Hulu Plus, wife was apprehensive, now we don’t miss it at all. Next is get rid of the landline phone.

Too much to choose from, you will adjust and then wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

There are even channels for Creationists and Atheists, conservatives, liberals whatever you want it is on Roku and usually for free.

The killer for me was watching a program I paid for that had 15 minutes of commercials every hour. Incredible rip off from Comcast.

I bought new trucks that had lower payments than my Comcast bill.

I need my football package :slight_smile:

Sitting at my breakfast table, looking out my glass bay at rolling hills, several valleys,cattle, horses, chickens and a beautiful sunset… Yeah i miss cable and landline phones

It must be the trend today. I watched this guy cut the cord as well. He took it upon himself to do it for multiple people.

I gave up TV 6 years ago

Netflix typically doesn’t have the current season of a show ready for streaming. You need to wait for the season to end (if netflix will have it at all). It has a lot of cartoons for my 5 year old though.

Hulu does have current seasons, but you need to wait 1-8 days for the current episode to be available depending on the show. It doesn’t have as many shows for kids.

I think we pay like $15 a month for both. We have Rokus.

Thats my experience anyway. I don’t watch a ton of TV.

Just one night out to the movies can cost well over what a average cable bill is.
Gosh you guys are cheap.

Guessing some of you are still sitting in front of 27 inch vacuum tube and yoke models.
lol still watch my Sanyo from Highland } purchased in 1993.

Directv commercial that’s been airing here for a couple of months…

The fees aren’t what’s costly. It’s the time spent in front of your TV that costs too much. I’ll tell you a funny story. Years ago, I enrolled my sons in a private school that had a “No Screen” policy. I had to sign a contract agreeing to abide by the policy. Your kids would get kicked out of school if they were exposed to any screen (computer screen, TV screen, cell phone, video games, etc). The school would do unannounced home visits to make sure you didn’t have a TV set. Chris Morrell went to the same school BTW. So to comply with the policy, I carried my TV out to the end of the driveway and put a sign on it “Works Perfectly, Free, Take Me.” My neighbor saw me and came out and asked if he could have it. I told him sure… on one condition: That you take all four. LOL!

Anyway, I went through cold turkey for about a week with no TV, but then something amazing happened. I got bored. Bored out of my freakin’ mind. So I started marketing one of the businesses I was in and it started making way more money. But with no TV, I still had hours of free time on my hands. So I put that free time into my other businesses, and they started making way more money. But I still had a couple hours a week that I used to waste watching TV, so I started another business with that time, and it started making money. About a year or so goes by, I’m rolling in cash at that point (that private school netted me a fortune), and a friend tells me that TV technology has gone way up, the prices have come way down, and that this was the time to buy a big screen TV. I replied: TV? Who has time for that? :smiley:

That seems to be where they have us

Pawn Stars,Doctor Who,2 and a half Men,Shark Tank,Adult Swim,American Pickers,Family Guy,Alaska State Troopers,Seinfeld and King of Queens make life worth living.:slight_smile:

No wonder you get so much done!
Good for you and the family Nicholas.

Me, I could pretty much care less about most TV, news channels bore me to death with their constant repetition and endless talking heads. Only rarely does a tv show come along that holds interest, “The Wire”, “Breaking Bad”.
Sports are ok sometimes, I’m a fairweather fan.:wink:

Movies are what I care about.
Greatest art form of the past 2 centuries imho.

I know that private school might not approve but you can learn a lot watching “Apocalypse Now” or as we were discussing the other day, “GlenGary GlenRoss”!

Good choice!

I actually cancelled Netflix last month, I have Amazon Plus and found they are about the same & I use Amazon plus more often.

I like cable for:
Live News
Live sports
The History Channels
The Weather Channel
Velocity Channel

Never had a dish and never would after what I saw my neighbors go through with them a few years back.

Despite all the time-saving devices we have (I even own a battery-operated tooth brush that brushes my teeth for me), there is a modern day myth that we don’t have enough time. We’re always rushing because we believe the myth. It’s pure nonsense. It only came about with addiction to TV. Overcome the addiction and your days are really, really long. I don’t know what to do with all the free time I have.